Two New Framework Wins for SBS

Sustainable Building Services (UK) Limited has secured places on two new social housing frameworks.

The procurement consortium Efficiency North has named SBS as one of its preferred specialist contractors on a £400m heating, electrical and roofing framework. The work in question will be undertaken for social housing clients in Yorkshire, Humber and the wider region.

SBS was selected as one of the contractors shortlisted to deliver the £90m Roofing and Associated Ancillary Works element of the framework, focusing on individual projects valued at under £2m.

Under the terms of the framework, SBS commits to supporting a minimum of two full-time training and apprenticeship opportunities for every £1m of work commissioned. This commitment is consistent with the company's ethos of maximising local training, employment and economic regeneration opportunities wherever possible.

SBS has also won a place on the £800m Scottish Retrofit Framework - the largest framework ever to be issued by the procurement body Scotland Excel. Lasting four years, it will cover an extensive range of energy efficiency works, including - amongst other measures - solid wall insulation, central heating upgrades and the installation of renewable energy systems.

Again, the framework demands a clear commitment to supporting new employment and training opportunities in the communities where works are taking place. SBS has begun dialogue with local social enterprises, charities and colleges to gauge how best to promote and develop the opportunities in order to achieve maximum social and community benefit.

These two latest announcements follow a string of other recent framework successes in the Midlands, North Wales and East Anglia.

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