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Regenda's Eco-House Demonstration Project

Sustainable Building Services (UK) was recently appointed by the housing and regeneration specialist, the Regenda Group to take part in a demonstration project that will examine the benefits and use of modern sustainable building technologies.

The project centres around an ordinary three-bedroomed, semi-detached house in Limehurst Village, Oldham. The property will be fitted with a raft of energy saving (and energy monitoring) measures and a local family will be invited to live in it in order to give a real-life test of energy savings, energy use and any changes in behaviour to which the new systems give rise. The residents will be asked to provide regular feedback via social media and other channels.

Work began in March 2014 and Sustainable Building Services has been given the task of carrying out pre- and post-refurbishment energy assessments, as well as that of installing the various systems themselves. The work package includes:

  • Pre- and post-works air permeability testing
  • Thermal imaging survey
  • Installing internal wall insulation
  • Voltage optimisation
  • Installing a solar photovoltaic system
  • Installing a single heat recovery system
  • Installing a new, energy efficient central heating system
  • Fitting new loft insulation
  • A full bathroom and kitchen replacement
  • Internal decoration
  • Landscaping the new wildlife-friendly eco-garden

The scheme is expected to be completed in April this year.

The results of the project will be studied carefully by Regenda, which will be taking a close interest in the practical effectiveness of different products. Lessons learned here will then be applied whenever the organisation commissions  future improvements to housing stock.

One of the most unusual aspects of the project is that progress will be reported on an ongoing basis by 'Reg' - a garden gnome who has been recruited to maintain a blog about the eco-house. Reg moved in to his new home on 13th March and has already begun writing about his adventures.

More details will be published shortly on the Sustainable Group blog.

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