A Place on Fusion 21's New Framework

Sustainable Building Services is pleased to announce that it has secured a place on the Fusion 21 Installation Retrofit & Associated Works Framework, which will run nationwide for the next four years.

The company had previously been one of the contractors appointed to Fusion 21's four-year insulation framework and, since 2011, it has delivered solid wall installations and associated works across the UK. This year, Fusion 21 renewed and extended the framework to encompass a wider range of efficiency measures.

Under the new framework, Sustainable Building Services is listed against 14 of the 15 separate lots. In addition to specific works such as fitting internal and external wall insulation, it has also been approved for Lot 1 - Total Retrofit - an all-encompassing category for energy efficiency works.

"We're very pleased to have consolidated our relationship with Fusion 21," said company chair Derek Horrocks. "It's a prestigious framework and we regard this as another big win. We delivered some large-scale insulation schemes under the last one and now we're set to provide a broader range of sustainable technologies such as CHP, heat pumps and high performance doors and windows. Works will be awarded in various sub-regions on the basis of mini-competitions. Sustainable Building Services is listed to deliver works in all sub-regions, so we're confident that this should deliver significant amounts of work."

In the years ahead, the company will be building upon a relationship that has delivered measurable community benefits. On previous schemes, working closely with Fusion 21's apprenticeship programme, it has created new training and employment opportunities and forged links with many local SME suppliers. Staff have worked with schools and colleges to provide work experience placements and to promote awareness of career opportunities in the construction industry. Through a partnership with Junior Chefs' Academy - the UK's leading specialist in early years food education - it has even sponsored free 'healthy eating' workshops in primary schools and community centres.

This collaboration is very much in keeping with the ethos of Fusion 21 - a social enterprise providing procurement and regeneration services for housing associations, local authorities and other members. Its work helps to deliver best value across a broad spectrum of works, but it also strives to achieve substantial social impacts in terms of jobs, skills development and supporting more buoyant local economies.

"Sustainable Building Services is an enthusiastic supporter of Fusion 21's aims," said Derek Horrocks. "Our work on the last framework yielded valuable social improvements and we look forward to doing even more on this new one."



Sustainable Building Services (UK) Ltd won places on the framework under the following lots:

Lot 1; Total Retrofit.

Lot 2; EWI

Lot 3; Cavity Wall & Loft Insulation

Lot 4; Internal Wall Insulation Measures/Air Tightness

Lot 5; Cladding — Thermal Performance Improvement

Lot 7; Solar Hot Water Systems

Lot 8; Heat Pumps

Lot 9; Biomass

Lot 10; Wind Turbines

Lot 11; Energy Efficient Lighting (including Street Lighting)

Lot 12; Mechanical Heat & Ventilation Recovery Systems and Flue Gas Heat Recovery

Lot 13; High Performance Windows and Doors

Lot 14; High Performance Electrical Heating

Lot 15; Combined Heat and Power Systems

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