Building Communities Awards Finalist

Sustainable Building Services (UK) Ltd recently submitted nominations for Efficiency East Midlands' 'Building Communities Awards' for 2017.

On 16th December, SBS received confirmation that it has been shortlisted for three separate award categories, as follows:

The Collaborative Working Award:
The organisers note that this is designed to recognise a company that demonstrates "a commitment to partnering and working to demonstrate benefits of collaboration in projects." It should also reflect: "a seamless approach, aligned values, sharing best practice and risks, working together as one, being innovative, quick to resolve, pro-active and forward thinking." For this award, SBS has been jointly shortlisted with its client, Nottingham City Homes.

The award is sponsored by J Tomlinson Ltd.

The Innovation Award:
This seeks to celebrate a company that has used an innovative product, process or equipment to achieve "an increase in performance, durability, safety, economy or competitiveness in the construction process."

The award is sponsored by ADEY Professional Heating Solutions.

Contractor of the Year Award:
This award recognises "contractors who exceed their required duties of Health & Safety, consistently reduce construction costs, time and defects and demonstrate business performance improvement." Other factors to be considered include: "measurement systems, investment in staff training and development, corporate responsibility, sustainability, improved customer satisfaction, working closely with the supply chain and the delivery of quality. "

The award is sponsored by Vaillant Group UK Ltd.

The SBS nominations referred primarily to work recently delivered for Nottingham City Homes, Bolsover District Council and Chesterfield Borough Council. All were originally procured through the Efficiency East Midlands framework.

The finals of the Building Communities Awards will be held at the East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham on Friday 24th February 2017. The hosts note that the event is intended "to celebrate the professionalism, excellence and innovation sitting at the heart of the region’s construction and housing community."

In addition to being a finalist, SBS is also a sponsor of the Sustainability & Renewable Technologies Award.

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