The Business

What sort of business is Sustainable Group (UK) Limited?

It is a private limited company. It was established in 1976 under the original name of St Anne’s Contractors. It is owned by its current chair, Derek Horrocks, and now delivers large scale works on social housing frameworks nationwide.

Where does the company operate?

The company operates throughout the United Kingdom.

What are its capabilities?

The company is a multifaceted organisation and can deliver a broad range of building and maintenance services. These range from general building works to more specialist activities such as the installation of solid wall insulation and painting and decorating services. More details can be found on our Group Structure page.

What are its strengths?

The company excels in value engineering and managing funding streams to deliver the greatest possible social and community benefits.  It works with suppliers and energy sector partners to make clients' budgets go further and to achieve more in terms of quality, performance and the environment.

It seeks to create jobs and training opportunities for local residents wherever possible and to engage with local suppliers so as to bring maximal benefits to local neighbourhoods. See our Policies and Corporate Social Responsibility page for more details.

Much of its key strengths stem from the experience of its senior management team and its operatives.  Strong skills and leadership, coupled with a culture of quality and communication mean the company stays focused on delivering outstanding value for money.

What is the relationship with Sustainable Building and Energy Services?

Sustainable Building Services (UK) Limited is a private limited company that is wholly owned by Sustainable Group (UK) Limited. Sustainable Building Services (UK) Limited serves trade clients including social landlords, local authorities, main contractors, developers and others. Sustainable Energy Services is a trading style of Sustainable Building Services (UK) Limited and is aimed at domestic rather than trade clients. Formally, the majority of all work is carried out under the name of Sustainable Building Services (UK) Limited.

Supply Chain

How do we become a supplier to Sustainable Group (UK) Limited?

As a company accredited to ISO9001 for quality assurance, we maintain strict quality controls across all our operations. The controls also extend to the suppliers we use. We apply a defined set of criteria to ensure that the suppliers we use are reliable, financially secure and capable of delivering the goods or services we need.

For subcontractors, we maintain an approved suppliers list. Entry to this list requires that specific criteria be met in terms of health and safety accreditations and, of course, relevant experience.

In addition to applying strict quality criteria, we also seek to ensure that our suppliers share our commitment to working in partnership, to value engineering, to equal opportunities, to social diversity, to workforce development and to creating meaningful improvements in people's living standards. We do this because we seek to create a community of likeminded businesses that share a common desire to deliver best value and positive social impacts.

If you believe you meet these criteria, then please contact us. Please note that we particularly encourage supply chain partnerships with suppliers based in the communities in which we are working. By keeping money within communities, we find that we can help to create and sustain local jobs.


How do I apply to work for Sustainable Group (UK) Limited?

We publish current vacancies on this website. Application details are listed on our careers page. We also advertise a variety of jobs in the national and local media.

We place particular importance on local recruitment - i.e. creating jobs in the communities in which we work. We run local apprenticeship schemes and we often work with local schools and colleges to offer work placements. Some of our senior managers started out as apprentices on our scheme so it can be a very effective way of building a career.

Is it still worth applying if I have a disability?

Yes. We are an Equal Opportunities employer and we recognise that people with different abilities are capable of performing different roles. We welcome applications from people with disabilities and, where necessary, will take all reasonable steps to ensure that you can perform effectively.